Digital Services & Telematics

The word "telematics" is a combination of telecommunications and informatics. In the transport industry telematics describes the intelligent, technical coordination of the movement of vehicles, people and goods. The collection of information facilitates and increases the efficiency of traffic control, enhances safety and allows ideal monitoring of transport conditions. Telematics have become indispensable in the logistics sector as the influence of using the right systems and tools on a company's profitability should not be underestimated.


The introduction of telematics systems has thoroughly revolutionised the logistics industry. The right use of appropriate technical solutions for a company can save money and make processes more efficient. At NUFAM telematics systems for trucks and devices for navigation and monitoring of traffic and transport movements will be shown.

Fleet management

Good management of vehicle fleets and pools is the backbone of every logistics company. It is only by identifying problems in the management of the vehicle fleet in good time that it is possible to react and avert delays and economic losses. At NUFAM software solutions for transport, vehicle management, pool and fleet management will be presented.

Digital tachographs

Reliable monitoring of driving and rest times, kilometres driven and speeds with tachographs is not only a legal requirement, but also a question of safety for drivers and other road users. At NUFAM, solutions such as electronic tachographs, digital tachographs, control devices and driver's card readers will be presented for the legally compliant equipment of commercial vehicles.

Data archiving

Companies are not only obliged to collect data; legal requirements stipulate that the data collected by digital tachographs, for example, must be electronically archived. But other documents and files can also be securely stored with the help of document management or electronic archiving systems and quickly retrieved again when needed. The latest systems in this area will be presented at NUFAM.

Camera systems

Blind spots can be outsmarted with modern camera systems. Intelligent camera systems that keep an eye on the entire area around a commercial vehicle are an important safety feature. In addition, industry and inspection cameras enable commercial vehicles to be monitored even when they are not in use. If you want to find out about the different systems in the field of video monitoring, the right point of contact can be found at NUFAM.

Toll systems

Different fees are charged around the world for using roads, for example truck tolls. To maintain an overview, toll systems are needed for correct payment and processing. Various toll payment solutions will be presented at NUFAM.


"All roads lead to Rome" as the well-known saying goes. But logistics companies know from their daily experience that the reality is more complex and that the fastest route is decisive for punctual deliveries. Navigation devices not only facilitate route guidance, but also allow intelligent and flexible reactions to traffic problems through position finding and changed routing. Navigation solutions for trucks and buses will be shown at NUFAM.

Information systems / Assistance systems

Assistance systems are indispensable in modern commercial vehicles. A wide range of different systems are available. In addition to solutions that make the blind spot visible, proximity warning systems, reversing cameras and assisting brake systems make a significant contribution to the safety of the driver, vehicle, cargo and other road users. At NUFAM suppliers will present individual solutions in the field of driver assistance systems.

GPS - supported location

Good GPS-supported location of the vehicle is essential for smooth transport operations, reliable theft protection and trackable trip planning. The corresponding tracking systems, locating systems and GPS transmitters for finding the position of trucks and other vehicles can be found at NUFAM.


Continuous refrigeration of goods during transport between dealers and consumers is mandatory for food and medical products among others. This calls for careful control and planning of cold chain logistics in temperature-controlled vehicles. Modern systems for monitoring refrigerated transportation and the corresponding vehicles will be offered at NUFAM.