Trailers, bodies and systems

From building materials to refrigerated cargo, from machine transportation to general cargo – with the wide range of trailers and bodies for fast, product-specific and safe transport you will find the right solution for whatever kind of freight goods you need to transport. At NUFAM the variety of trailers is impressively demonstrated.


Trailers as "hitched" transport surfaces without their own drive enable all different kinds of goods to be moved with different towing vehicles. At NUFAM the spectrum ranges from classic semitrailers and tipping trailers to semitrailers with walking floor systems. Semitrailers and platform trailers for transport logistics will be shown, as will solutions for the construction industry. And the needs of agricultural and private customers are not forgotten either – for example, cattle trailers and horse boxes.


Tippers are the right choice for all kinds of bulk materials and they enable time-saving loading and unloading. New products from various segments will be presented at NUFAM. The products offered range from roll-off and deposit tippers to one-, two- and three-way tippers, dump trucks and dump semitrailers. As well as new tippers, used trailers will also be offered for sale at the fair.

Flatbed / low-bed trailers

Low loaders are the right choice for heavy, long, high or bulky loads. As well as drawbar trailers, the range of vehicles on display at NUFAM includes semitrailers for heavy goods transport. In addition, there are single- and tandem-axle low loaders, double drop low loaders for the secure transport of particularly tall loads and low-bed trailers, for example for use at construction sites.


Curtainsiders, also called tautliners or curtain-sided semitrailers, facilitate loading and unloading of semitrailers with a simple technology: the tarpaulin can be opened like a folding curtain or as a sliding tarpaulin for access to the whole length of the cargo bay. You can discover the varied range of curtainsiders at NUFAM.

Refrigerated bodies

Ensuring an unbroken cold chain is the basis for food logistics – for fresh and frozen products, large supermarket chains or your local butcher. The refrigerated trailers needed to transport foodstuffs are offered at NUFAM. The spectrum ranges from semitrailers to refrigerated trailers for fresh and frozen products and refrigerated trucks.

Box bodies

Thanks to their stability, box bodies ensure that cargo is perfectly protected. Box body kits for trucks and trailers will be shown at NUFAM. Needless to say, these also include refrigerated bodies for temperature-controlled transport.

Tank superstructures

For tank superstructures the focus is on practical handling and safety aspects. Hazardous goods are often transported, and this necessitates precise planning of the means of transport. Modern and sophisticated solutions are presented at NUFAM, for example tank superstructures with several compartments for different fuels or water and foodstuffs. The assortment is rounded off by tank superstructures for hazardous goods.

Silo container bodies

Bulk transporters are not only used in the agricultural industry, but also to transport foodstuffs, plastics and other bulk materials. The variety of solutions in this area presented at NUFAM range from classic bulk tanks to vehicles with suction devices and corresponding trailers.

Swap body vehicles

The success story of swap bodies is closely linked to the rise of containers. Swap bodies enable a separation of the vehicle and cargo compartment, whereby the spectrum does not only comprise box bodies and load containers – interchangeable platforms and other designs, for example for combined transport, have long since been included in the repertoire. At NUFAM not only will new and used systems be shown, but also corresponding trucks and carrier vehicles.


Platform vehicles have a long history. This construction is among the oldest in motor-vehicle manufacturing and is based on coach-building. This practical body concept with an open load area is still found today on pick-ups and large trucks alike. As well as new developments, used vehicles in this sector will also be exhibited.

Distribution / delivery vehicles

Delivery vehicles have always been an important and omnipresent part of the logistics network, not just since the expansion of online trading. So it goes without saying that they are on show at NUFAM. Courier, express, parcel delivery, heated delivery vehicles and vehicles with beverage or refrigerator bodies are exhibited in this area.