Heavy goods vehicles / Trucks

Trucks undertake a variety of tasks and just as many different solutions are needed and available on the market. For example, as well as trucks there are tractor units or semitrailer trucks. At NUFAM, manufacturers and truck dealers offer both new and used trucks for sale.

Light commercial vehicles / Vans

Fast, small and manoeuvrable – vans are the all-rounders in the field of goods delivery. As panel vans, with tarpaulin or an open loading platform, Sprinters & co. are a familiar sight on the roads and commonly used for deliveries.

Various small vans weighing up to 5.5 tons will be on show at NUFAM. In this segment too new and used vans in this segment will be exhibited.

Tradesmen vehicles

Different trades have different requirements. Depending on their trade, the paint, electricity or service experts need different vehicles that are tailored to their needs both inside and out.

This is why in-vehicle equipment, special conversion solutions or roof racks are just as important in this sector as the different body variants. At NUFAM the term 'tradesmen vehicles' therefore also includes service trucks, construction vehicles, mobile workshops or customer service vehicles.

Municipal vehicles / Public service vehicles

Despite their different bodies, the majority of public service vehicles on the motorway, snow-removal vehicles or road sweepers in the city still have the colour orange in common. In addition to numerous public service vehicles, implement carriers and add-on solutions for the orange fleet will be on display at NUFAM. The spectrum ranges from large trucks to forestry vehicles, choppers, mowing vehicles, Multicar & co.

Fire brigade vehicles are usually red rather than orange, and they and other special vehicles will be on show at NUFAM.


Thanks to long-distance coach travel, buses have moved into the focus of public attention once again in recent years. For many bus companies, long-distance buses are just as important as tourist traffic or city buses. From minibuses to public service buses and tourist buses – you will find what you are looking for at NUFAM. The same applies to navigation systems for buses, vehicle equipment or used buses.

Intralogistics / In-house transport

Transport is not just an important subject on our roads, but also in logistics centres or exhibition halls. Forklift trucks operate between warehouse racks, roll-up gates and loading ramps. An important distinguishing feature is the way they work. From side-loading and front-loading forklifts to forklift reach trucks, terminal tractors, pedestrian stackers, pallet trucks and rough-terrain lift trucks – they all have their areas of application. And the drive solutions are no less varied. Electric pallet trucks and lift trucks can be found at NUFAM, as can diesel lift trucks or gas-powered solutions for intralogistics.