Equipment Meets Trucks

Commercial vehicles belong on the road. This is where they do their job and benefit their operators. Well-equipped workshops are therefore of key importance in the commercial vehicle sector. Modern and well equipped workshops ensure that repairs and maintenance work are done quickly and effectively.

Workshops must have a wide range of modern equipment to meet these demands. At NUFAM numerous suppliers show how varied the spectrum of high-quality workshop equipment and associated services is. These range from breakdown services to lifting platforms, body and paint solutions, car washes and software systems for workshops.

Exhaust purification / Exhaust gas treatment

The reduction of vehicle emissions is a topical issue. In recent years not only have emission limits become stricter, exhaust gas purification systems for commercial vehicles have also undergone continuous further development. Important solutions in the field of exhaust gas purification include soot particulate filters, AdBlue systems and diesel particulate filters. Information on the latest solutions and other topics relating to exhaust gas treatment can be found at NUFAM.

Hydraulic ramps / Platform lifts

Platform lifts are a key resource in workshops. Fixed or mobile platform lifts are used whenever systems in the underbody are repaired or tyres have to be changed. Working platforms for heavy and light commercial vehicles are on display at NUFAM. Due to the different loads and vehicle dimensions, the variety of platforms ranges from scissors-type lifting platforms and hydraulic lifting platforms to wheel jacks and two-post lifting platforms.

Body repair

The body forms the basis of motor vehicles and bodies and body repair work is a wide field. In addition to repair and maintenance systems, vehicle body solutions will be presented at NUFAM. They will be supplemented by products and services in the fields of replacement parts, truck reconditioning and body parts. Truck sandblasting is a further area represented at NUFAM.

Paint shops for commercial vehicles

Colours play an important role in human perception. So truck painting is a very important subject and is not just limited to repairing damage. Truck livery also supports company recognition and the same applies to truck signage. This is why paints and the equipment needed to paint and label trucks and construction machines matter at NUFAM.

Truck Breakdown services

When trucks break down quick assistance is needed. At NUFAM concepts and vehicles for commercial vehicle towing services and for truck roadside assistance or mobile repair services will be presented.

Truck washing systems

The regular cleaning of trucks is first and foremost a question of value retention. Dust in summer or salts in the winter can clog up vehicles. What's more, clean commercial vehicles are an important part of a company's image. Stationary truck gantry washes or mobile truck washes are used here as are high-pressure cleaners. If you want to find out about clean commercial vehicles then NUFAM is the right place for you.

Truck workshops

Time is money – in the event of damage the downtime must be reduced to a minimum. Modern diagnosis systems, access to technical data and the right spare parts from the manufacturer or the aftermarket are important for quick and reliable repairs. In addition, there are software systems for optimising workshop procedures, test benches and measuring devices. NUFAM offers a broad overview of the different options available for workshops. These include offers for various technical systems. Truck brake systems are one example, and here all important aspects from brake pads and brake discs to air brakes and brake test benches will be shown.

Truck tools

For professional truck repairs not only are experienced workshop specialists a decisive factor, but also the right tools. At NUFAM visitors will find suppliers of special truck tools, tool trolleys and stands.