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Tractor units in front of the entrance to the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre
Visitors are greeted with the latest models from the manufacturers even before they reach the entrance to the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Vehicles in the outdoor area
Visitors can get a breath of fresh air in the atrium, where they can also discover a wide variety of vehicles. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Fire trucks in the outdoor area
Visitors can also take a closer look at fire engines on the communal mile in the outdoor area. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Communal Mile
The Communal Mile in the outdoor area will showcase commercial vehicles for municipal needs. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Heavy load / special transport
Transport options for commercial vehicles will also be presented at the trade fair. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Sweeper Vehicle
In addition to light and heavy trucks, municipal utility vehicles such as sweepers will also be on display at NUFAM. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Vehicle for oil spill removal
The wide variety of vehicles at NUFAM includes special vehicles such as this one for removing oil slicks. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Tipper lining
Visitors can find out about tipper linings and purchase commercial vehicles for all purposes. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
From conventionally to electrically powered forklifts, exhibitors will present a comprehensive range of products. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Vehicles in the exhibition halls
The exhibition halls of Messe Karlsruhe offer enough space for a wide range of vehicles to be exhibited. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Vehicles in the atrium
NUFAM exhibitors also present their vehicles to trade fair visitors in the atrium. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Exhibitor outdoor area
Exhibitors present their products not only in the four exhibition halls, but also in the outdoor area. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
View in hall 1
The hall overview of Hall 1 gives an idea of how many different vehicles will be on display at NUFAM. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
View in hall 2
A look in Hall 2 shows the range of vehicles on display at NUFAM. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
View in hall 3
In 2021, NUFAM will occupy a total exhibition area of 70,000 square meters, encompassing all four halls of the Karlsruhe trade fair center as well as the adjacent outdoor area. Messe Karlsruhe/Jürgen Rösner
View in the dm-arena
Hall overview with exhibited vehicles. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Technical discussion between exhibitors
With around 400 exhibitors, including the key players in the industry, Messe Karlsruhe will be the meeting place for all commercial vehicle enthusiasts. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Consultation at the NUFAM
The topic of digitalization on the truck is becoming increasingly important and will be presented more frequently at NUFAM. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Technical discussion at the booth
Visitors can get advice from exhibitors directly at the booth and have interesting technical discussions. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Workshop, parts and accessories at NUFAM
In the grouped theme area "Workshop, Parts, Accessories", workshop equipment suppliers and parts suppliers present their product ranges. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Tires, wheels and carcasses at NUFAM
In the grouped "Tires" theme area, visitors to NUFAM can discover everything about tires, wheels and carcasses. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Lights and lamps
In the workshop, parts and accessories area, exhibitors will present lights and lamps for commercial vehicles of all classes. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Winfried Hermann at the NUFAM
The Minister of Transport and patron of NUFAM Winfried Hermann in an interview at NUFAM. He will also be a patron of NUFAM next year. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Main forum in the events hall
An extensive supporting program will take place in the main forum in the events hall throughout the duration of NUFAM. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Driving simulator
Visitors to the trade fair can test out the latest technologies for themselves directly on site. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
AR/VR experiences at NUFAM
With AR and VR glasses that simulate a real driving experience, trade visitors can test the operation of the vehicles themselves. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Experience programs at the NUFAM
Whether Unimog course, children's course or truck model exchange, the NUFAM awaits all visitors with an extensive supporting program. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jens Arbogast
Explosion in demo park
In the Demo Park in the outdoor area of the trade fair, visitors can experience live demonstrations on all aspects of the latest vehicle technology, superstructures, attachments and load securing. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner
Firefighting operation in Demo Park
In the Demo Park, visitors can witness a live firefighting operation. Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner


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