NUFAM: Focus on Mobility of the Future

Expanded supporting programme with many highlights

Alternative drives, autonomous driving and digital assistance systems are major trends and timely topics of discussion in the commercial vehicle sector. Mobility of the future is not only a theme at the stands of 400 exhibitors from 13 countries, but is also firmly anchored in NUFAM’s supporting programme. The extensive programme for trade visitors has been expanded even further for the sixth edition of the commercial vehicle trade fair from 26 to 29 September. Guided New Mobility tours of the trade fair will be offered for the first time.

In panel discussions experts speak about the mobility of the future (credits: Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner)

Tours and Roadshow show new mobility

During the New Mobility tours, exhibitors will present their innovations from the fields of alternative drives, digital assistance systems, and vehicle and product premieres relating to new mobility. For example, Orten Electric Trucks will present ET 35M, an electric sprinter with mobile battery charging station. KM Conversion is showing a small electric commercial vehicle for municipal use. And S&G Automobil AG presents both an eVito and the new Actros 5 with various digital assistance systems. Interested visitors can book tickets for the New Mobility tours in advance in the online ticket shop. The guided tours will take place on 27 September.

Future-oriented vehicles will also be on display outside the exhibition grounds during NUFAM. The Future Mobility Roadshow, which is jointly organized by Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, IHK Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and the Automotive Engineering Network (aen), will take place as part of NUFAM on 26 September. Vehicles that are not powered by conventional fuels (e.g. diesel or petrol) will travel from the trade fair via the city centre to the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, where they will be presented to the public. From cargo-carrying bicycles to heavy vehicles for freight transport, the full diversity of alternative drive technologies will be impressively presented to the general public.

Panel discussion and live demonstrations

The topic of emissions assures stimulating discussions within the industry. According to the Federal Environment Agency, around 50 million tons of CO2 are emitted by road freight traffic every year. Plans call for CO2 emissions from new buses and trucks to be reduced by 30% by 2030. Against this background, a panel discussion on the topic of “CO2 neutrality – what can the logistics industry realistically deliver?” will take place on 28 September. At the stand of Strassenverkehrs-Genossenschaft Baden e.g., experts from the association will discuss this topic with Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg and patron of NUFAM. Afterwards, an event titled “Right-turn Assistants Save Lives” will focus on truck safety. The transport minister will participate in the presentation of the interim results of a field test of turning assistants conducted by the Steinbeis Transfer Centre Mobility and Logistics in cooperation with the Association of Forwarders and Logistics in Baden-Württemberg. The research project is funded by Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Transport. A subsequent live demonstration in the demo park in the outdoor area will show the behaviour of the so-called “blind spot” with and without a right-turn assistant.

Information platform and industry meeting place for personal networking

NUFAM offers Trade Days focusing on telematics, municipal vehicles and load securing in order to provide relevant information for decision-makers from the transport, freight forwarding and logistics sectors, small and medium-sized enterprises, the skilled trades and the municipal sector. Two guided tours of the exhibition grounds will take place as part of “Treffpunkt Kommunal” [“Municipal Meeting Place”] on 26 September. Accompanied by municipal experts, the exhibitors will present live demonstrations of vehicles, superstructures and attachments for municipal requirements. For example, PL Fahrzeugbau GmbH will show an aluminium tipper with tool cabinet on a street scooter. In addition, various side and roll-off tippers, as well as thermal insulation, will also be on display. Decision-makers from the municipal sector use this platform for information and knowledge sharing.

On two Telematics Days (26 and 27 September) and at the eponymous forum, trade visitors will be able to learn about current topics in digitization for the transport and logistics sector. In lectures and roundtable discussions, questions relating to vehicle telematics will be discussed, for example, the acquisition of trailer telematics: “Directly from the manufacturer or from an external specialist – which solution is better?” Trade visitors can explore further exciting telematics solutions from manufacturers in a relaxed lounge atmosphere at the “Telematics VIP Lounge”, which is organized by the Telematikmarkt.de media group and adjacent to the forum.

Practical scenarios and current cargo securing topics, e.g. legal regulations and liability issues, will be discussed in the Cargo Securing Forum on 28 September. The Demo Park will also host practical demonstrations of driving dynamics to illustrate the importance of correct load securing. Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre is organizing the forum in cooperation with its specialist partner “Königsberger Ladungssicherungskreis”.

At the 'Treffpunkt Kommunal' the exhibitors will present live demonstrations of vehicles, superstructures and attachments for municipal requirements. (credits: Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner)

Offer for professional drivers

The everyday life of professional drivers will be the focus of panel discussions at the Truck Driver Forum (29 September). Topics under discussion include the digital consignment note with blockchain, the latest on the Professional Driver Qualification Act, and the ongoing issue of a shortage of drivers and the need to recruit skilled workers. The specialist programme takes into account the technical and regulatory challenges facing the industry. Theory will be transformed into practice at the NUFAM Challenge, which is organized in cooperation with Drive Concept Wiesner and ETM Publishers. The NUFAM Challenge is looking for Germany’s best professional driver. After the contestants’ theoretical knowledge was tested in the run-up to the fair with an online questionnaire, the finalists will be called upon to prove their practical know-how at the Demo Park on 29 September.

On two Telematics Days (26 and 27 September) and at the eponymous forum, trade visitors will be able to learn about current topics in digitization for the transport and logistics sector. (credits: Messe Karlsruhe/ Jürgen Rösner)

Demo Park with exhibitor presentations and public activities

The wide spectrum of commercial vehicles can also be seen in the Demo Park. The first two days of the fair (26 and 27 September) will be dedicated to new product presentations. The exhibitors F.X. Meiller, Plafinger, Unsinn Fahrzeugtechnik and KM-Conversion will show their newest vehicles in action. MAN Blue Light Day will also take place here on 28 September: during the demonstration by Weber Rescue Systems, which is supported by MAN Truck & Bus Germany, three instructors will demonstrate rescue equipment such as cutters and spreaders directly on the driver’s cab. This demonstration is particularly interesting for fire brigades, THW [German Federal Agency for Technical Relief] and all other emergency services that are commonly involved in rescue operations on vehicles which been involved in traffic accidents. As a special public highlight showing how various partners work hand in hand, a truck accident and subsequent rescue will be simulated on 29 September.

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