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NUFAM is on course for further growth

Preview and highlights of 2017

Press conference NUFAM 2017 Foto: Jürgen Rösner / KMK +

Press conference NUFAM at Spedition Baam in Ettlingen. Foto: Jürgen Rösner / KMK

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will become a meeting place for the commercial-vehicles industry from 28 September to 1 October 2017, when some 25,000 visitors are expected to attend the fifth NUFAM – Trade Fair for Commercial Vehicles. The trade show in southern Germany hosts over 350 exhibitors from 13 countries, who present the industry’s entire spectrum of products and services: vehicles in all weight classes, bodies and trailers, tyres, parts, accessories, workshop equipment, telematics solutions and services. “NUFAM grows steadily and is a reflection of the strongly growing commercial-vehicles industry. With an enlarged exhibition area of over 70,000 square meters and an expanded programme for professional visitors, the fair serves as an ideal platform for information and decisions”, said Britta Wirtz, managing director of Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH, at yesterday’s press conference. For the first time, this year’s NUFAM occupies all four halls and the outdoor campus of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. The commercial-vehicles fair has grown substantially, especially in the area of vehicle and body manufacturers. The expanded theme days for specialized visitors convey plenty of practical information. Current legal changes and future-oriented themes such as electromobility and automation will also be discussed at NUFAM.

Growth among vehicle and body manufacturers

According to Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, 2.9 million commercial vehicles travel Germany’s roads every day. Commercial vehicles transport over 70% of the total freight volume. The commercial-vehicles industry is growing continually: over 375,000 commercial vehicles were newly registered in 2016. This marked a 7% increase over 2015, which likewise grew by 3%. NUFAM pursues this trend: all seven large commercial-vehicles manufacturers (DAF, Daimler, IVECO, MAN, Scania, Volvo Group with Volvo and Renault Trucks) are represented at the commercial-vehicles trade fair. New exhibitors (e.g. Kässbohrer, Kögl and Humbaur) join veteran colleagues in the area of bodies and trailers; other presenters (e.g. Kempf, Schwarzmüller and Wielton) have enlarged their stands’ spaces. The market’s leaders in cranes and loading cranes are also onsite with brands such as Palfinger, Hiab, EFFER, HMF and HYVA. Other new exhibitors include makers and dealers of low-weight commercial vehicles and light bodies, e.g. AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik, RAPID Leichtbau and RKB Döbeln.

Great diversity in the thematic areas

Theme areas are conveniently grouped in the fair’s halls to facilitate efficient and clearly structured visits. Numerous workshop equippers present their products at the “Workshop, Parts, Accessories” area in Hall 1. They range from manufacturers of lifting platforms such as Hunter Deutschland or Finkbeiner to tool suppliers such as HAZET or KS-Tools. In the “Tyres” area (dm-arena), large manufacturers are represented by Aeolus Tyres, Bridgestone, Kumho Tire and Falken Tire; important tyre dealers include Bohnenkamp, Pneuhage and Reiff Reifen. Visitors in the telematics area (Hall 2) can familiarize themselves with current topics in vehicle telematics at the “Telematics Innovation Road” joint stand and at the newly established Forum area. The new “Education, Careers and Associations” area (Hall 3) focuses on job hunting, opportunities for continuing education, and networking with associations and institutions. The Kommunalmeile (Municipal Mile), where commercial vehicles for municipal applications are presented, and the Demo Park, with its comprehensive public programme, complement the trade fair’s four halls and its outdoor exhibition area.

NUFAM gazes into the future of the commercial-vehicles industry

The forward-looking themes of electromobility and autonomous driving surely mustn’t be absent from NUFAM. Electromobility has become vastly more important for the commercial-vehicles industry in recent years due to increased environmental pollution (especially in big cities) and the rapid growth of e-commerce. StreetScooter, Europe’s largest producer of electric battery-powered delivery vehicles and a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, will exhibit at NUFAM for the first time and present its e-transporters in various sizes and with diverse bodies. Deutsche Post plans to achieve a 30% improvement in its energy efficiency by 2020. At the press conference, StreetScooter’s Vice-President Dr. Jörg Salomon explained how emission-free transport is possible for the crucial “last mile”. Other examples of innovative exhibitors in the electromobility field are: Orten Electric-Trucks with the Orten E 75 TL, an electrified MAN truck with beverage body; and the eCab, a flexible chassis based on the VW T6 and developed by ABT and AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik for various bodies.

Cost saving and a scarcity of drivers make it increasingly important to automate driving processes and logistics. Although autonomous driving is still regarded as a vision for the future, the evolution toward the autonomous truck is already casting its shadow on the industry today. Karlsruhe’s test track for autonomous driving provides an optimal environment to illustrate the full spectrum of commercial vehicles. Companies and research institutions can test future-oriented technologies related to networked and automated driving on Baden-Württemberg’s test track for autonomous driving. Automated logistics with the aid of commercial vehicles also occupies the focal point here. The consortium is led by FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik. Prof. Dr. Sax, a director at FZI and an expert on evolution in the field of autonomous driving, spoke at the press conference about the latest developments on the test track and about the future of automated commercial vehicles.

Current legal changes and practicality in the focal point

The Fahrpersonalgesetz (law concerning driving personnel), which took effect at the end of May, also stipulates that drivers may no longer spend their weekly rest periods in their trucks. What consequences will this legal change have for drivers’ daily lives? What should truckers bear in mind when hauling in foreign countries? The Truck Driver Forum on 1 October explores these and other themes relevant to professional truck drivers’ daily lives. Practical scenarios are the focal point of the “Concepts for Securing Cargo” lecture series, which is organized for the first time in collaboration with Königsberger Ladungssicherungskreis: inadequate cargo securing and the question of responsibility will be discussed here.

New: Treffpunkt Kommunal focuses on practical applications

Practicality is likewise prioritized at Treffpunkt Kommunal on 28 September. Rather than theoretical lectures, the Municipal Meeting Place offers three daily guided tours in which exhibitors present and demonstrate vehicles, bodies and add-on devices for municipal applications. Treffpunkt Kommunal takes place at the Kommunalmeile (Municipal Mile), inside the trade fair and in the Demo Park on the outdoor campus.

New: NUFAM Challenge is looking for the best truckers

With a special challenge this year, NUFAM seeks Germany’s best truckers. Alongside theoretical knowledge, the finalists will also have to prove their practical expertise in the Demo Park on 30 September.

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Patronage 2017

NUFAM 2017 was under the patronage of Winfried Hermann (MdL), Ministry of transport Baden-Württemberg.

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