Interior technology

Today, technical systems not only determine developments on the exterior of modern commercial vehicles, they also play an important role for safe transportation inside the vehicle – from in-vehicle equipment to the cab and the freight. At NUFAM you can see just how wide variety of interior technology solutions is.

In-Vehicle equipment

They could also be called mobile workshops – all kinds of different in-vehicle equipment is available for vans and small trucks to meet the needs of different trades. Shelves for vans and a wide variety of storage systems define the look of the interior. In-vehicle equipment and storage solutions are also available for platform vehicles. Discover the details and cleverly-conceived solutions at NUFAM!

Interior fittings and fixtures / Cab equipment

When commercial vehicles are on the road for longer periods of time, the cab becomes a living and sleeping space for the driver. Cab equipment is therefore very important. For example, this applies to the design of truck sleeper cabs behind the seats or roof-mounted sleeper cabs. Truck seats and mattresses for sleeper cabs are all about healthy sitting and lying. And to turn day into night during rest periods, exhibitors at NUFAM also present modern truck darkening systems.

Load securing systems

From vans to semitrailer trucks – load securing is a very important subject on every trip and for every vehicle size. Due to the large number of different vehicle bodies, a wide range of different load securing systems is available. These not only include tensioning straps and load-securing nets, but also tie-down straps, restraining systems, round slings and also automatic tensioning straps. At NUFAM you will find a good overview of the wide variety of resources for safe transportation.

Transport refrigeration / Transport cooling

It is not just on warm days that cooling plays an important role in various commercial vehicle applications. For example, air conditioned driver cabs ensure pleasant temperatures on hot days, while drinks in the truck's fridge are pleasantly cool. To ensure the right temperature for the freight in question, cooling trailers, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated trailers, refrigerated box bodies and further solutions will be presented.

Truck lighting

It is not just exterior lighting on the road that is important for trucks in order to see and be seen. The interior lighting of the cab also greatly influences the driver's wellbeing. At NUFAM you will find interior lighting accessories – from LED lamps to work lamps, light bars and tuning lighting. Furthermore, illuminated truck signs are offered for outwardly visible advertising.