Tires, wheels and aisles

Keep on rolling – wheels and tyres are essential for all kinds of motor vehicles. They bear the weight of the vehicle. A good condition is essential to ensure that you reach your destination safely. A special role is given to tyres and the factors that influence them. Different kinds of tyres are needed depending on the weather conditions, the vehicle and the road surface. The right choice contributes to optimising the fuel consumption. Reason enough to get to grips with the wide range of tyres and rims at NUFAM!


The first tyre producers in the 19th century are still among the best known brand names today. Tyres continue to form the basis of every motor vehicle. Suppliers of tyres and wheels will display their products at NUFAM. The spectrum ranges from new to retreaded and used truck tyres. Furthermore, solutions for disposing of old tyres will be presented.

Tractor tyres / Agricultural vehicle tyres

One factor influencing the yield and the efficiency of agricultural enterprises is the right tyres for vehicles and machines. Agricultural-tractor tyres are specially developed for agricultural requirements. Other developments such as off-road tyres and industrial tyres will also be on display at NUFAM. For example, these include Earth Mover tyres (EM tyres) for tipper trucks and similar.

Retreaded tyres

Regular tyre changes in good time are essential to ensure safety in road traffic and the safe arrival of the driver, vehicle and freight. This prevents tyre blow-outs and accidents. Retreaded tyres are an alternative to buying new tyres. The models presented at NUFAM meet the highest quality standards and cover the entire demand spectrum: from retreaded winter and summer tyres to all-season and all-weather tyres.

Truck Rims

Rims and tyres form a perfect unit. Truck rims withstand lateral, tractive and braking forces, frictional and braking heat and carry the load. This is why special rims for semitrailer trucks and rims for vans and trucks are offered at NUFAM. Aluminium rims for different vehicle types are also on display.


Hoses for truck tyres keep the air where it is supposed to be. They ensure reliability and a long service life for the tyres with different loads and temperatures. A wide range of air hoses for truck tyres can be found at NUFAM.


Carcasses form the skeleton, the supporting structure of every tyre as it were. Made of fabric structures or steel, they are a main component of the tyre casing and influence handling and comfort. At NUFAM solutions for retreaded and used carcasses for truck tyres will be presented.